Hey EG, been a while since i've posted anything. So, i'm getting a ''new'' guitar on monday and for now it has 13's and is tuned in B standard. I want to tune it in Eb standard and use something around 10-46's. Will i need to adjust the truss rod ? I'm still learning on these and i thought i'd have to at least loosen the rod a bit. Correct me if i'm wrong.
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Only if it needs it. Meaning, don't adjust it without seeing if it actually changed.

If you were keeping the same tuning with different strings, yes it would effect the neck relief. What you are planning should end up pretty close to the same tension and will not likely require a neck adjustment.
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Only if it needs it. Meaning, don't adjust it without seeing if it actually changed.

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If the tension stays roughly the same, no. A typical set of 13 in B Standard is about as tense as a set of 10 in E Standard, and Eb is not that far of. I doubt there will be any meaningful changes in neck relief. Do remember to check the intonation however.

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yeah wait and see. you are making dramatic changes, but fairly relative. if you were going from 13s on B to 13s on Eb then YES. but this is not the same.
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I play my guitars in Eb and I have went from 9's to 11's then back to 9's again. Will this have a big impact on my fretboard? Also what do I need to look out for???

It only effects play ability for the most part. Going to heavier strings will cause higher action, because the extra tension will bow the neck forward. Going lighter will cause it to bow back, resulting in low action and possibly buzzing. It won't hurt anything. You just have to adjust accordingly, as needed, to keep the action where you want it with different strings.
You could just use a capo at the 4th fret, it's easier and you can switch tunings quickly by moving it.
Whether or not the truss rod needs adjusting is something you’ll only know after you put on the new new strings. Some necks are finicky, others are like wrought iron.

More importantly, if the guitar has .013s then the nut has been cut to fit those strings. Before you can use it with .010s you’ll probably need to replace the nut. Get a luthier to do this. Expect to pay at least $100 for the new nut and labor. Don’t take it to someone who charges you $100 for the nut and then an additional fee for a setup after!