I'm looking for a guitar with a fixed bridge and with only one pick up in the bridge position. 24 frets. Preferably only one knob: volume. ANy shape. Any price point - but would only consider something high end.
High gain use, I have a Peavey 6505 112.

Any suggestions?
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Any shape preference? And budget? I checked thomann, Europes largest music store and found practically nothing except for some really expensive Gibsons and some signature models, most of which had a locking trem anyway.

EDIT: derpity derp. Meant to say that most single pickup models have a locking trem.
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The ESP M-I should do the trick for you based on the details you've given. Simple as that.
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Mike Derks Signature model
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Most single pickup guitars will have locking trems on them.

Blocking it is always an option.
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