The beginning is cool, atmospherical stuff. I love the subtle buildup you have going on there, the sound is really great, well panned too. The strings that follow are a little too videogamey, maybe, but they certainly do the trick and again the sound is suberb here. The silence was fun but to be honest I expected a more in-your-face drop after it, I'm not into dubstep or anything at all but that would've been better I think. The part after reminds me a bit of Balmorhea latest album (it's called Stranger, check it out if you haven't yet). Wow on the heavy guitar coming in by the way, I loved how you let that come in. You suggested a different sound before it with those bells and stuff and then suddenly the guitar, awesome. The part around 6:50 is just a bit too slick for me, I don't really know how to explain it, but some more rawness could really make this part a lot better. I guess it's mostly due to the digital sound.
Overall this is definitely something I'd listen to actually, not just as a one time thing on this website, but as something regular to listen to! Would love to download it (there's an option for Soundcloud on that by the way in case you hadn't seen it yet). Good stuff man!

And thanks a lot for your nice comment. I've actually never been to Stockholm, really would like to though. Even the name is nice.
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