Hi guys,

I've recently bought a Yamaha Audiogram 3 and now im trying to get some good quality sounds on it. I'm quite content with what Guitar Rig 5 delivers, at least when I just plug my guitar in and play.
BUT, when I record something and listen to the recorded track later, the quality is much worse than what I heard when I played it.
Being unexperienced in stuff like this I'd like to know if there's any mistake I could've possibly done. Any guesses?

Hard to tell exactly from this, but I do remember having this problem as well. I got really bad results applying the VST effects in Audacity and actually it still doesn't work correct there. Might not be your issue, but I'd suggest trying another DAW (Reaper, try something else if that's what you're already using) and see if it's the same in another workstation. Your resulting sound should theoretically be the same as what you hear while playing, assuming the signal is being recorded correctly.
Currently I only use GR without DAW, but even in connection with Cubase AI 7 it doesnt work like I want it to. It only sounds all, I dont know, crunchy, shitty, theres like no bass at all. Just messy. And I dont really know how to post any examples. Soundcloud?