**Audio and Video issue fixed Again ugh **

This is a new acoustic original song about packing up and starting a new adventure away from home. Please tell me what you think of it and subscribe to my channel for more videos! I have gotten great feedback about my other songs in these forums and I appreciate you guys (and gals) coming to check it out!

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Very pretty song
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Very nice!

I'm a huge fan of acoustic music and your playing is very clean. Because of this though, a couple of the harmonics that didn't come out cleanly in the intro stick out in my ears.

Thematically, I think the song flows very well. It made me feel as if I was at the door ready to leave. At the end I would have enjoyed a section with more energy to represent actually stepping foot on an adventure. I felt like the song ended before the adventure actually begins (which I guess is what you were going for). Just my 2 cents!

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Hello, the song is very smooth and well put together. It kinda reminds me of a christmas song for song reason. But that's not a bad thing; it's probably because it's supposed to snow today here haha. My only real crit would be I wish that you had mic'd your guitar but you may not even have any so I understand you gotta do what you gotta do. Sounds nice regardless of what technique you recorded with.

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Very smooth and relaxing song! Beatiful progressions and melodies put on top of that. And the playing is neat, well weighed and clean aswell. Can't find anything I'd want improved actually. Good job!

C4C? I commented on another of your songs (6 words) aswell and left this link there, but I'll go ahead and do it here aswell. It's a new instrumental that I've put together.

Thank you so much for your kind words about the song and the performance and the recording!

scarethecrows - I'm glad you felt the emotion I was trying to put into the song, and don't worry, this song will be part of a bigger story, this is only the beginning

Kevinfreund - That's awesome that you found a personal meaning in the song and something you could relate to, that's as big of a compliment as any. I used a fishman acoustic pickup and mixed in the audio from the camera but I will definitely refine the mix and sound for the real recording!

Splitvision - Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm really happy that you liked it but I know there is something that can be improved upon!

I promise I be listening to everyone's performances soon, it's been crazy lately, hence no video this week, but thank you everyone for the feedback!