I'm going to get the new Rocksmith. What I have yet to decide is which console to get it for and looking for opinions. I have the original on ps3. I'm thinking of getting the new version for the pc rather then tge playstation. My only thing is it is easy to take anywhere rather it be to the other room or when traveling.
Is there any other advantage or disadvantages of having the pc version over the console version?
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I think all versions are identical, although it's probably easier to hook up some decent headphones to your PC than a console.
An added bonus is that the USB cable that's bundled with it also works with any software which utilises ASIO4ALL drivers, such as Guitar Rig. The latency is pretty damn low as well, so regardless of which version you get you can still use it with your PC and turn it into a virtual amp.
The PC version does require to use Ubisoft's UPlay system no matter where you get the game from, so if you ever have had trouble using it then you might want to be careful.

You might also be able to configure the latency a lot more on the PC than the console versions. I picked it up the other day and you can go into the directory to change a lot more settings, plus the settings in control panel as well.

EDIT: ^ I'm not sure if it works with the POD, you might want to check because Ubisoft are dicks and want you to buy their 'special' cable when it's not the least bit special.