One of my more complicated songs that I've written. The style is heavily influenced by Marc Okubo and Paul Waggoner without actually making it sound like I'm stealing anything. To record this I used an Ibanez RG3XXV Anniversary through an Axe Fx 2, Cubase, Superior Drummer (Metal Foundry) and Wave Plugins. Feedback greatly appreciated! Oh and C4C

Semper fi. Nice/pretty tight guitar playing. The mellow part around 1:45 was actually my favorite part. The drums are pretty busy, but are appropriate for the style of music. Are the U.S. Marines pretty well received in Japan, or some resentment? I did a little bit of design work on some overhead crane stuff for a MV-22 Osprey hangar that opened recently at Miramar, by the way. Please review my music at this link:

I like it! VERY tight playing, well put together good tone, and well mixed. I would like to make one suggestion on a mix standpoint, other than that, it is flawless... Bring your overheads down a tad. They were overwhelming my smaller speakers when I A/B'd the mix to some crappy monitors. Other than that, great stuff! Keep it up, i'd love to hear more.

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