I'm a month behind on my rent. I had to quit smoking because I can't afford it anymore (I live in NY). I've had such bad GAS lately I had to make a move.

Just picked this up on ebay for $51, plus shipping. It's a Washburn G-3V, mid 80s, made in Buffalo Grove IL. Three single coils and the Wunderbar tremelo. She has a small crack on the bass-side tailpiece post, which is not a great sign. After adjusting the truss and intonation, new strings, tightening, and some electronic contact cleaner on the switch, she plays very well. She is very quiet for a single coil guitar and sounds extremely stratish, even more so than my MiM strat. The maple neck is very wide and very flat. And the Wunderbar really does stay in tune with extreme whammy workouts.

As an early shredder guitar, she is pretty sweet. Especially for $51 ($81.29 with shipping). The neck is really pretty remarkable. The maple grain is very tight and quite brilliant. Frets are a bit worn, especially down low (probably wore a capo quite a bit), but plays quite well without any pinging.

I'm not really a shredder, though most fans and fellow musicians think I am. I had a really nice Jackson SL1 some years ago, with the full on Floyd Rose and Duncans, and I miss it. This Washburn cured my GAS (almost), got me a pointy-headed strat-style axe (so more people will think I shred), and how can you go wrong with a USA built decent guitar older than my children for $51!!!!

And now I have a $3.29 bid on an 80s JMF SS amp to go with it, pick up only in NYC. Do I need another amp? No. But it'll keep the other half dozen company and be good for our keyboard player to use for rehearsals.

FYI: I took the curly queue decals off the horns.
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Ok, so I got the JMF Spectra 125 on ebay for $3.29! Picking it up tonight. Woo hoo! Will post review after I put it through paces.
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What you really need is a new amp.

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I have been hearing about MG amps lately. I have heard good about them, but only a few times have they been talked about here.

Picked up the $3.26 JMF Spectra tonight. Don't have time to really evaluate it fully tonight, but it works, all of it, including the spring reverb tank. As the online reviews of this amp attest, the clean channel is really quite nice--deep, chimey, warm and articulate. It came with the footswitch intact. Interestly, when on the clean channel, the "distort" channel has an effect. You can open up the level control all the way on distort channel and then inch up the overdrive pot and it functions as a boost, albeit with a bit of transistor grind. When on the "distort" channel with the overdrive up past 9 o'clock, it is pretty fizzy. Not the worst SS distortion I've ever heard (try the Squire 10w practice amp to hear some really bad fuzz), but not a tone I would ever use. But the clean side has quite a bit of character and depth and is very musical. I can see why people described it as a nice jazz amp. 9 and 13 chords sound especially rich.

As with any 30 year old amp that's sat in a box for the past 10-12 years, the pots are scratchy. I'll clean those out as the week progresses. And tomorrow I'll test it out with a variety of guitars and see how the clean side takes to pedals.

All things considered, for $3.26, plus maybe another ten bucks for gas and tolls to the city and back, it was a hell of a deal and a welcome addition to my wall of amps. It blows away my old Peavey Backstage Plus, my first generation red-faced Spider, and is as good if not better than, my old Roland orange Cube 40. Does it compare to my Carvin V3M or my Laney Pro-Tube Lead? No. But I'd put it up against a JC 120 any day.

Oh, and it appears to have the original, aluminum capped Pile speaker. No label or anything on the back of the speakers, but it has a huge driver.
Sounds like you're doing pretty well- HNGD!
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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