Hey guys, so I have a Schecter Hellraiser C-7 FR and I have a real problem with guitar stings. I have really sweaty palms and as a result I break strings often. As you all know, as soon as one string on a tremolo breaks, you're done. I use Elixir stings already. My problem is that I only have one option in gauage and that's .10. I've always used .10 gauge stings but now I'm doing some 1 1/2 step bends and other stuff and it's killing my fingers, it's kinda hard for me to bend that far and I'm getting blisters. I just want to get some .9's and make it slightly easier on myself. And so my question is, are there any other strings out there that have some sort of anti-rust coating, like nanoweb? If so, do they come in .9's in a seven string set? I already wash my hands with soap and water before playing and wipe down with a microfiber cloth after playing. I could use Ernie Ball's or D'Addario's but they break within a month just about everytime. I'm tired of changing 7 strings on a floating tremolo so often and my strings being a bit too stiff. If there's no other option, I guess I'll have to just deal with .10's from Elixir until my fingers finally get used to the crazy tention.