Hey guys and gals,

recently I've been noticing that my trills are slightly weak - single hammer ons and pull offs aren't very problematic, but when I gotta string a lot of them together they just start fading out. My hammer ons are slightly weak, so every time they drown out a bit of the volume, until it goes mute. I started working on trills the last week, but sooner or later trying to hammer more powerfully than I'm used to starts to tire my hand out and muscles start to hurt. I figured if I stop too soon, my stamina/strength won't grow.

Should this be practised like one trains at the gym, where you train a muscle group until it starts "failing" so that it becomes stronger when it recovers? Or not? What do you guys think?
I don't think a full gym style practice is needed for trills. Find some songs with a lot of trills. Or just throw it in at the end of practice. This will probably be enough.
Strength isn't the answer, technique is. When you hammer on, do it as close the fret as possible and do it quickly. When you pull off, you have to kind of flick the string with the finger that you're pulling off with to keep the vibrations going. A video would help us see more issues and ways you can improve.
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Sadly, I don't have a proper camera at home. I could record it on my phone, but things would be... blurry . When left unattended, the finger I'm doing the trill with goes up for about 3/4 of an inch. I guess that's a lot, but I'm not sure... I have tried to do it closer to the frets but then I drowned it out even faster, like my finger wasn't given sufficient time to gain momentum.

I feel like I need a more stamina in my fingers since I nearly die when playing solos such as Dave Murray's part in The Trooper, etc., and stamina does correlate to strength somewhat. Should practicing technique rectify this problem too? How do I practice it - take it slow and focus on not taking the finger far away? Correct hammering/plucking motion, then gradually reduce distance?