I recently bought a bunch of new pedals and this is how my pedal board look like:

Guitar > Boss CS3-Compressor Sustainer > Big Muff > TC Electronics Spark Booster > TC Electronics Mojo Mojo > Boss GE7-Equalizer > Boss NS-2-Noise Suppressor > Boss RT-20 Rotary > TC Electronics Hall of Fame Reverb > Boss DD-7 Delay. I also have a Boss volume pedal.

I have no problem when turning on some pedals alone, the volume is always the same. The problem is when I turn on the Spark Booster, the muff and some other pedals at the same time. Mostly for my solos. The volume just goes up by a million percent!! I have the volume pedal, so I can lower the volume with it. But I know that's not the solution. I tried lowering the level on the Spark, but it's not giving me as much boost and sustain as it was.

What should I do? What volume should a lower/higher? Any help is appreciated!

Try putting the boost in front of the Muff. The tone will be different but it won't make it that much louder.
Guitar > Booster > Mojomojo > Big Muff > Eq > Comp > Suppressor > Delay > Rotary > Reverb.

That's how I'd go, but switch and swap until you get what you want.

Has your amp got an FX loop?
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Yes, my amp's got an effects loop. The Delay and Reverb are going in the back of the amp.