. . .except I'm not really new to electric guitar.

small backstory: I've already owned one for 2 years now. it was an LP copy and I loved it dearly. but one day I woke up to find that it was missinf. I immediately asked my older bro and he told me he sold it

just like that, all her priceless sentimental value to me, my bro sold for 70 bucks
(well it was actually his, though I got overly attatched to it.)

anyway, this means I have to buy my own electric now, soo. . .

Budget: well, max I could shell out is $150. this is the wall that sort of keeps me from getting a good one, but hey, it's alll I have

Favourite artists: from classic, to alternative, to heavy rock. RHCP, Pixies (yup, still not forgotten), black keys, to Jimi, led zep, black sabbath, beatles, to zakk wylde, and a bit of RATM.

Preference: any would do for me, but right now I'm planning for a strat-style.

Pickups: any would also do for me, but judging by favourite artists, I'm planning for an HSS

New or used? would go used if it's in very good condition.(would not buy it with someone else's battle scars!)

Location: this may be also another wall. in the philippines, it's hard to come by actual legit guitars(local brands are just awful / there aren't any official gibby/fender retail stores), and I don't really want to go through all the trouble shipping from elsewhere . . .

Current gear: as of now, a marshall MG30. (alsoowned by my bros ) it's sufficient though since I just practice in my room. and an MXR 108 fuzz.

as of now, I'm currently thinking of a Squier bullet strat HSS. the HSS being sort of versatile, although with the reviews and such I do have my doubts. especially with it being a "beginner/studets guitar".

this is my first guitar, although I already have experience.(can pull off stairway/hotel california/ crazy train solo) and just wondering if it is also good for intermediate guitar players.

although I'm open to suggestions
and thank you for taking your time to read all this!
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I'm gonna give you some experience of mine with a Squier Bullet. I had a dual humbucker model, but to be honest, the guitar wasn't bad, but for lack of a better word, it did sound cheap. the body is thinner than a standard fender and made of basswood, usually. nothing wrong with that wood, it rocked the 80's. it was the lightest guitar I have ever owned. truth be told, I swapped the pickups in mine, the humbuckers were garbage. but I do own a strat that I put Bullet single coils in that I love. if you can find one cheap, I would say, get one, but I would also say, swap that humbucker out with something better asap. doesn't have to be expensive, but something better all the same. just my two cents. good luck, TS.
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Hello. You've mentioned that you can spend $150 for your first electric guitar. I'd say if you can manage around $200, a few good options will be available to you. But if you can't manage that amount at the moment I'd say wait and save up more. Few good brand new Yamaha Pacifica series guitars are available within $200. LTD F10 should also be within this range. I've never played any Squier guitars but I've heard people saying not all the Squier guitars are bad but many recommend that its better to buy a MIM Fender Strat rather than a Squier Strat. I've got absolutely no idea about Squier Bullet Strat. Anyway I'd recommend try to purchase a Yamaha Pacifica if you can save up $200 or you can also check out some used ones in good condition.
thank you for the suggestions!

I did actually have plans of getting the squire and change the pickups later(but not immediately).

and thank you for mentioning the yamaha pacifica! I will be looking into that more.
Ugh, do not bother with a Squier unless it's a vintage modified or classic vibe. Go for a Pacifica if you want a cheap strat-style guitar and can't save up $200. Once you get into the $200 range, a lot of options open up. I would look into Godin, Yamaha and maybe Fender Made in Mexico instruments. A MIM Strat should be around $200 if you can find a good deal.