I finally was able to get my microphone to work with my computer, and was able to listen to some recordings of my guitar, which sounded good I think. But, I was watching youtube videos of bands in the studio, and now I have some questions.

For my equipment, right now I have a really old dell desktop because my laptop died, I think I will either replace it soon with a mac, or get a second sound driver and either install Ubuntu or stick with windows xp since now I am used to it. I also have a Shure SM57, with the cable and stand it came with, my Fender Telecoustic, and a Behringer xenyx 802. The program I am using for recording is Audacity, but I think if I do get a mac, I would probably find a different program.

My questions are, right now I just play the whole song a few times then choose which recordings I like best, if I record another instrument or vocals, I record them separate. I noticed on youtube, that the musicians looked like they were recording each section separate, then using instruments from I think Logic Pro as their instruments. Then again, the band is acappella, so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

So, how should I be recording?
First thing to do... is ditch Audacity...
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If you're on a tight budget then you want to look into REAPER because honestly, if you want to get any kind of of good quality recording then audacity is useless as the editing is destructive. As in, if you apply an effect it's there now, you're not getting rid of it.

Reaper will run about $50 I think? For a full licence.
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
def go for Reaper First super value there amazing value.

BUT if your an apple users you would be crazy not to be using Logic x $199 is excellent value IMO

there Huge difference between Logic ( or any full priced software eg Cubase Protools etc ) and Reaper and that is Presets and Library's and sound assets,. you could spend weeks trying and download and assembling and setting up assets for reaper but in logic you have high quality assets, to then edited and distory as you see fit.

Sure you can be simple and get stuff from reaper NO doubt about that at all.
but if you going to play sound engineer you may have a better platform to stand on if you step up to Logic etc but only if your really going to spend time on this stuff.

and $$ is $$ but how much do you spend on a Drinking night ? compared to how many weekends will you spend playing bedroom rockstar/ sound engineer ?
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Hmm, I guess I will wait to buy any software until I decide if I am going to change to mac or not(I am starting to think it is a better option, since the only thing that was keeping me on windows was gaming, but I don't really play much games anymore).

Though, found something pretty interesting, my house is very loud usually, from my brothers fighting or just playing very loud, and from my room you can hear what is going on in pretty much every room. But, I decided to just record my guitar and ocarina just to see how they would sound together, and on the recording I could not here anything I didn't want to hear... except a popping which I found out was caused by having the speaker plugged into the wrong areas(kind of explains why only the subwoofer was working).