Decided it was time to downsize and switch some things around here...

Bought this head about 6 months ago on another site, everything works great and is in great cosmetic condition. There was one small tear in the top tolex by the handle that has been repaired and is barely noticeable. It has pretty much brand new tubes in it that I bought in July. I really haven't put many hours on this amp as I have been playing Bass mostly lately. The head has the Plexi mod as well as Negative Feedback mod. Both mods were inspected by my personal tech and said to be very well executed.

I bought the road case from Affordable Cases about a year ago. Originally purchased for my Framus Cobra, it also fit my Marshall heads very well although a tad tight. The case is 1/2" ply construction laminated with black ABS and ATA Flight rated with very nice hardware. 3" casters locking on opposite corners. Foam to Foam is 28" x 11" and the JVM is 29.5" x 12.25" just to give everyone an idea of how big of an amp will fit in there. The case also has a 6 space rack and I have installed a small 9v light in the rear of the rack so you can see inside should you have wiring issues on a dark stage in the middle of a set.

JVM410H - $1300 + Shipping
Road Case - $350 + Shipping

Any questions, please feel free to hit me up! I will answer anything you need!

Will PM pictures upon request. I do not have a way to re-size them for upload. This stuff is in pristine condition!

Shipping ONLY to the Lower 48 USA.