Greetings UG!
Yesterday I picked up a steal (£500) in the form of an '09 Jackson RR24, to use as a "brother" to my '09 Soloist (having played '05 and '07 models, the year *does* seem to make a massive difference in feel and quality, but that's another story)

When I bought it, there was one major problem and one small problem that I knew about, I've since discovered a third fairly big one.

The juiciest by far is the fact that the tip of the headstock got burnt by a candle a while ago. This left some scarring of the black binding, and some yellowing of the paint on the front face. The yellowing I can live with, but the scarring on the binding is annoying - I was wondering whether black nail polish and a razor blade for flushing-down would be a good solution for touching this up?

The playability-affecting problem (and the one I didn't know about) is that many of the tips of the "MOTO" (some sort of mother of pearl knockoff) inlays are peeling. It's not noticeable to look at unless you get very up close and personal, but you can feel it while playing on the high E and B strings.
I know they're peeling and not just badly fitted because there is some give when pushing down on them - they just won't sit flush. What's the best way of sorting this out: some sort of capillary action adhesive (plus clamping), or should I somehow remove the inlays completely and glue the whole thing down again from scratch? It's only the small end (that "points" to the floor when holding it) that's peeling, the larger side is still stuck in fine, so I'd probably steer more towards clamping and capillary glue, just not sure which one to get, seeing it's got to glue ebony to the inlay (that I'm assuming is some sort of plastic).

The last (and in this case, lowest priority) problem is a few small chips, the most noticeable on the side of the headstock. I'm wondering again whether nail polish (white, this time) would be a good way to fix this?

Inlays (can *just* about see the peeling, it's not actually completely out of the socket, just raised about 3/4 mmm above flush)


Headstock Chip

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Peel out those inlays and glue them properly. If one end is popping out now and you somehow get enough glue in there to hold it down, what's to prevent another spot popping loose 6 months or a year down the road?* I speak from experience. I used to make furniture and it's pointless to fix only a part of something.

* The same installer and the same glue that is failing was involved with all of the inlays.

Remove V1 & V6. Put the 12AX7 from V1 into V6 and leave V1 empty. Try the vibrato channel.
Yup, good point. Ideas for getting the inlays off without damaging them, seeing as I'll be putting them straight back on again?