Hey guys this is my cover of Little Wing by Hendrix! I recorded it a while ago and it's just one track of me playing guitar and singing at the same time... I cut off the solo part cause it sucked so bad. haha

What do you guys think of the vocals? (I'm hoping it isn't too girly and whatnot)

Its really good. Extra points from me because it's really not an easy song to accompany yourself to (play both guitar and sing at the same time). Well done
Alright, the guitar playing sounds nice, good tone. There is a little timing issue coming out of the intro but that's not a big deal. Vocals sound good too! It's a great song and a hard one to play well. You did a good job. I wish the recording had a bit more low end but that's me just being cranky. Overall nice job.

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thanks for the reply! yeah i only recorded it with a cheap voice recorder so the quality isn't amazing.
and i checked out (and critiqued) your vid, it's really good!