Hi guys,

I recently bought a PRS from 2000(NGD thread coming after i test it and record some clips).

The PRS has a blue flamed maple top on it but it looks a bit faded. You can see the color of the wood shining through a bit. When changing the strings i discovered this:

There's dark blue under the bridge. I see no reason for this so i presume this guitar was once this dark blue, correct? And the rest probably faded with the sunlight right?

Anyways thanks guys
Mmmmm faded Whale Blue.

Got any more pictures?

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PRS blues tend to fade more than other colors. That is a serious fade to blue/grey.

My 2003 CE22 was Mateo Blue... it looks teal/green now (cool color).
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Quote by Tom 1.0
Mmmmm faded Whale Blue.

Got any more pictures?

Haha, stay tuned , i will be posting a NGD with plenty of pictures when i have the time to record a soundclip and have had some hours with the guitar.

Yeah it's a serious fade, It still looks good though and has a special effect. IRL it looks more turquoise than light blue. But i don't have any way of making quality pictures unfortunately.
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They sun fade. Its common. Emerald green fades to a cool sage color.
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