I want to buy a new amplifier. I'm currently using a Fender Mustang III which is a digital solid state amp. It's fun to experiment with, but I want something I might use for gigs in the future or just better quality in general. I also have a Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus. I think I might put a better humbucker in it eventually. But I'm pretty lost as to what I should get for an amp. Any type of demo you look at the person is playing blues licks for the whole video and doesn't really show what else it can do.
But, I'm looking for a tube amp. I'm looking to spend around $800 at most. I don't need a ton of wattage. It'd be nice if it was a combo amp too.

I like to play a lot of different types of music, I like blues, more in the style of the Black Keys. But I also like to play alternative, garage rock, post hardcore punk, and 60's and 70's rock n roll. Basically I'm looking for something versatile haha.

Any help would be appreciated!
Something like a DSL401 would be cool to work with.

Or if you care for that more classic tone, you could go for an AC30 or AC15 and use a pedal to boost for heavier modern sounds (since the vox's are great for a variety of genres).
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