Hey all,

I have an Egnater Vengeance head that I totally fell out of love with when I got an Engl Powerball. I never really had another amp to compare it to, but once I got a new amp, I found that the Egnater was just very weak sounding, and has very peculiar mids that can never seem to get where I want them (neither smooth nor agressive, or pleasant really). The clean channel seriously lacks shimmer and punch; and the lead channel lacks gain and balls (despite the amp being marketed as a high gain metal head). Also, the amp outputs an odd buzzing sound (I've been told that its likely an issue with the amp's power amp section or PI).

Ive tried changing the tubes a few times- both power and pre-amp tubes. Ive also messed around with eq/tubescreamer pedals in-front of the amp and in the fx loop. These usually cause some improvement, but its never satisfying since the CORE sound kind of stinks.

I was going to sell it, but I can't get much at GC, and nobody seems to want it on craigslist or ebay. Honestly, Id rather keep it if I could just enhance it somehow.

I guess my question is- are there any popular outlets that heavily modify/hot-rod amps? Most specifically, I'm looking for a respectable increase in gain, and possibly some attention to the voicing to perhaps make it sound more like other high gain heads that I like (peavey, mesa, Engl). I'm located in Massachusetts, and I'm only an hour from New Hampshire as well.

It would be nice to keep the amp and just overhaul it. I know most people would say "if you want that sound, get that amp". I love the aesthetic of the amp, and it has some killer functions. Its voice just needs a lot of attention.

Thanks for any feedback, and my apologies if I seem a little unspecific or under-educated with modding.

P.S. If you have an Egnater Vengeance, perhaps you could give me some pointers?

TL;DR- Are there any outlets near Mass/New Hamp. that could mod an Egnater Vengeance and really overhaul the voicing/gain?

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