Okay, so this is not the best cab out there, but I got a screaming deal on it.....$50!!!
I've been wanting a 212 or 412 cab for quite some time but haven't had the funds. Anyway, my local music store was trying to thin their used stock so they had three different 412 cabs available for $50 each. This one was in the best condition and claimed to have Celestion speakers so I picked it up! Here are some pics:

This is what I found inside:

What I've added so far:

And the whole rig

The cab is a Crate something or other ( ). The baffle is plywood but the rest is MDF. However, it is very solidly-built and the felt covering grows on you. The Celestion G12-50's are a little less efficient than my Governor was in the combo -- I actually have to turn the post gain up a hair higher to reach the same volume that it was before. The Celestions sound very clear but don't really emphasize any frequencies. My Governor adds more in the upper mids and helps get a more "grinding," in-your-face distortion. Overall, the cab has more low-end than my combo did with just the Governor.

Tonight I had the post gain up to around "4" and it sounded ridiculous. I can't IMAGINE a situation that would call for more volume. Overall, I'm VERY pleased with this purchase and have no doubt that when I get a little more money, I can flip it with the Celestions for triple what I paid for it, maybe more.

For now, I think I want to get another Governor and two Eminence Swamp Thangs. Based on my research, the ST's should enhance the low-end a bit more. I want this thing to punch even harder and sound even thicker. Another Governor will ensure that the "tear your face off" factor is still healthy and present.

Are there any other options I should explore for that sound? Ideally, I'm trying to achieve a tone somewhere between The Black Dahlia Murder and Clayman-era In Flames (more importantly, their live sound). Thanks for looking!
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I wish there would be 50€ cabs around where I live. I want 4x12 soooo bad...
And no, 2x12 wont do because I would just start to GAS for 4x12 later anyway.

Too bad we cannot hear it in action but still congrats for the new cab.

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You should totally convert that combo into a head.
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You should totally convert that combo into a head.

I'm either going to do that or just sell the combo and get a head (the 6505, not the 6505+). Eventually, I'm gonna get the head either way.
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

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$50 is a killer deal on any cab, congrats.

Gotta love the old Carpet look
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