I'm looking for a beginner's guitar under $100. What are your recommendations?

I'm thinking of buying Epiphone DR-100. Thoughts?
Buy used. $100 doesn't buy much in a new guitar. Guitars with a solid spruce top will generally sound better than laminate tops. For a beginner's guitar the playing action (how far the strings are off the fingerboard) is very important. Low action and light strings will be easier to play. Have the store install a new set of extra light strings (10s... they'll know what you mean). Unless you specifically want to learn classical guitar (nylon strings), get a steel string guitar. They have thinner necks and are generally easier to learn on. If you have a friend who is an experienced player ask them to help you choose a guitar. If you are planning on taking lessons, find your teacher first and have him/her help you choose a guitar. Good luck!

The Epiphone you are looking at is probably OK. Other brands to consider include Fender, Washburn, Yamaha, and Ibanez.
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i'd suggest going up a few bucks and finding a yamaha F310 or F335 (on sale at GC during the next holiday - i seem to be typing that a lot today!). or finding one of them or a yamaha FG700 used, which you probably could do.
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Honestly, at that price, there's hardly any difference. Anything that cheap is going to be all laminate (basically plywood), and there will be hardly any tone coming from the wood itself. It'll be just the strings. If that's the budget you're looking at, just buy the first one you find that feels halfway decent to play. You won't be missing out on anything by not shopping around. Cheap acoustic guitar is cheap.
I wouldn't bother buying a guitar under $100 unless you were getting a good deal on a used guitar.