Just wondering, in the past, when I was first learning to use a slide, I used to tune my acoustic guitar (Model: Tanglewood TW28CE) a lot to Open E and Open A Tunings. After researching a little bit about string gauge about 12 months ago, I read on a lot of forums that you could snap your guitars neck if you tune to those tunings. After reading this I immediately stopped tuning to these tunings out of fear that I might snap my neck and if I ever wanted to play in them, then I would tune down to Open D or Open G and put a capo on the 2nd Fret (which I think is kinda annoying to me personally and doesn't have the same effect as when you are in the actual tunings).

I know that these tunings have the potential to snap necks on older guitars and also if you use a heavy string gauge, but seeing as my guitar isn't that old and I only use Light gauge (0.12-0.52) Elixir Nanoweb Strings, I was just wondering whether it would be safe to tune my strings to these tunings (Open E and Open A) once again?
Take the guitar to a luthier and say to him that you want to use it in Open E or A tuning. Probably he will calibrate a few things and that would be it. Check with your luthier if your guitar's neck is able to deal with those tunings.