Hi All,

So basically I have two electro acoustics guitars (a crafter which I have partially restored from ruins and a yamaha) both are getting on a bit in years. The yamaha recently has developed some problems with its pick up - a low end hum. I am worried it is an earthing problem and the guitar tech guy I took it too said there might be something wrong with the pre-amp, and in which case I should just get rid of it. The Crafter, I bought for a tenner cus it was knackered (but GAWGUS) and I have almost fully restored it. The problem with the crafter is that when it is plugged in it sounds tinny and horrible.

The cost of having both repaired to gig standard I think will be pretty huge but I love these guitars, I've put a lot of time and effort in on them, learning, restoring, writing and they mean something to me so i don't WANT to just get rid of them, however, I am broke 100% of the time so I have to be practical..

I am wondering whether it would be best to just buy a removable seymour duncan acoustic tube for about £80 that I could use on both of them?? Does anyone have any advice about this or any thoughts? Has anyone used these pick ups before? And also, how well do they work with pedals??

Any help gratefully received.