Hello again, Im frtustrated with learning how to pitch harmonics, I dont even know what is going wrong, I know it takes patience but, I do exactly what tutorials describe and still no result.

I once did a pitch squeal by accident and don't know how I managed to archeive it.

Standard EADGBE tuning, 100% Gain, OD Mode (Obviously), 20% bass 50% mids 100% treble 0% reverb

I strike on the neck bridge on any 12th fret and no fancy harmonics, just the regular sound.

Is it the guitar, the AMP or me?
It is you.
It's a technique that you just have to work on.
I'm sorry, but I can't really give any good pointers, but hopefully someone else can chime in.
I just wanted to say that you can pull it off on any combination of guitar (acoustic as well if you wanted) bass, amp if you are comfortable with the technique, so it's definitely not your gear.

edit: btw, it's called "pinch"-harmonics.
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Let just a tiny fraction of the pick stick out past your thumb and finger. Strike the note with the pick and let the edge of your thumb strike the note just afterwards. Its harder to explain than it is to do.

Try doing pinch harmonics on the E,A,D,and G strings between the 4th and 8th frets, that's where I find it works best.

It really is just a technique that you have to develop.

Good luck!
It takes many many many days of constant failure, and eventually you might get a few out. I personally don't see it as a technique you'll ever just grab and then pull them off all the time though. I've known how to play pinch harmonics for like 4 years now and i still **** them up occasionally.
Those are tricky little boogers, And honestly, Having your gain at 100 and treble at 10 isn't going to help you learn how to make them any better. Every time someone mentions learning this technique they have their gain and treble cranked up like it's some magic combination for pinch harmonics, and it's simply not.

Once you've got the technique down you can make them ring nicely even when unplugged. Each string has a few 'sweet spots' located in the picking region that will squeal better than others. Move your picking hand around and try to find those sweet spots.
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You guys are right I begin to understand how they work... I have just plugged my guitar and tried it out. Looks like tutors forgot to mention the picking method..

So I got some really nice harmonics (sort of) , but my fingers now hurt as hell, even with the 9-42 gauges

Thank you guys so much!
It's worth watching this:


So you actually understand how harmonics work. The term "sweet spots" implies there's some kind of black magic going on that only a chosen few understand when actually it's just simple maths.
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