I have a line 6 15 amp iv spider and looking at what settings to put it on to practice just basic scales. I have been playing acoustic for a bout a year and just getting into electric guitar, very confused where to put everything to get what I want. I have a godin freeway classic guitar with 5 pickup options.
There's no setting for this. If you can't specify what you want, there's no way we can tell you where to put "everything" to get what you want. Scales don't require any specific sound or EQ. Maybe stay away from the Insane setting, just so you can hear the notes clearly.

There's a settings thread, please search and use it, but I don't know how much help it will be if you don't have any specific needs. Just experiment, turn all the effects off and try a few amp models with the EQ knobs at the middle position, then go from there. There's no right or wrong setting, especially if you're just playing scales. This is something you can and should figure out for yourself.