I'm think about buying a line 6 pod 2 guitar effects pedal but just wondering before i buy it if there's anything I need to watch out for, if there's any bad things about this pedal.

Additionally I want to buy a power supply for the pedal and wondered if it makes a lot of noise when plugged in.
Well firstly, it's not really an effects pedal so to speak.
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I've actually changed my mind I want to buy a line 6 pocket pod, the question remains the same though.

I bought a DS 1 distortion pedal before and it made a lot of noise when the power supply was plugged in I want to know if there's any problems with the way the pod sounds when plugged into a power supply.
If your DS-1 made a lot of noise with a power supply there was probably something wrong with your adapter, pedal, or power. There's nothing inherently noisy about a DS-1 with a proper power supply. The POD 2.0 doesn't have any other option for powering it, so obviously there's no way of comparing it with or without the supply.

The Pocket POD is fine with the power supply, but again if you have dirty power or are using a bad adapter then you may have problems that are not caused by the unit itself.
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Well firstly, it's not really an effects pedal so to speak.

Yeah pretty much this.
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