I'm a fan of the Scorpions, and their guitarist Matthias Jabs is my favourite guitar player. But in some songs, he uses a tapping technique i don't understand. You can hear it in the solo of the song "Coming Home", or "Dynamite". You can also hear and see this weird thing he's doing with his right hand in this video:

search: Matthias Jabs Style on Youtube
watch the first video, by "BenHigginsOfficial"
(the thing i'm talking about is at 0:27).

I dont know if this technique has a name, i'd like to understand it. Can someone explain it to me ? Thanks a lot, and ROCK ON.

(sorry for my english, i'm french)
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It's called 'autoflanging' and it's not really a tapping technique. What he's doing is playing almost any old notes with his fretting hand only (so all legato) and using his picking hand, brushing lightly against the strings by the pickups so that each new fretting hand note is actually a harmonic. You get that crazy sound by moving your picking hand so that the harmonics change pitch.
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ok thanks, i called this "tapping" because of his left hand, but i know its not really tapping.

Thanks a lot, i'll try to do this, its really a great technique.