So this topic is to know when did you first pick and play your electric/acoustic/Bass guitar at what age ?

What is your goal ? Do you do it for fun or do you plan on joining a band and rocking on the world ?

My answer would be: I picked my first guitar at 13 and started playing at 22.
My goal is to play songs for bands that I like. For example: AC DC, Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin, Slash Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Buckethead, Rammstein, and many more.
I got my first acoustic guitar at age 20- after having messed around on my Mom's for a while- my Bass at age 22 or so, and my first electric at age 36.

My goal? To play the stuff in my head.
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My grandparents gave me my first guitar, an acoustic, when I was 15 I think. I didn't/don't have any real goals beside being able to play songs that I like and write stuff when I want to.

It's a nice guitar though. One of their old ones. A Taylor dreadnought
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When I was 12. Latest goal is to get used to playing in one (or two) Hawaiian open slack key tunings
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I am originally classically trained, I started when I was about 10-11 and went on to about 15. I didn't use a classical guitar, rather a steel string acoustic that I played classical style on (which I prefer honestly).

That gave me a very good foundation in reading music and knowing the guitar and having a good ear and all that.

When I was 15 I got my first electric guitar, and my goal was to play like the guys that I heard. The problem was that I couldn't use a pick, which sucked because it isn't possible to shred like Vai without one. So I started learning practicing with a pick, and now, 4 years later, I don't care for shred and I'm going back to my classical roots to start writing actual songs that sound good, have form, and aren't just me jerking off my brain through the guitar by playing so super fast that there is no discernible melody anyway.
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Got an acoustic at 7. Could never hold a pick, so I learned how to play with my fingers, which I'll always prefer. Then at 14, had to learn how to hold and play the guitar all over again.

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My dad's always played guitar, I started taking it seriously when I was 14, and it was to get laid.

It's gotten some girls interested, but now they hate it when I compose for hours instead of 'talking' to them. I make noise and people like listening to it is really what drives me. Also I get commissions for animations and video games.
Got a used guitar at 15 since I had been actively listening to electric guitar music for some time. I guess goals now is too get better at making my own songs and get something ready for release. For guitar itself I've gotten more interested in trying to emulate other non-guitar sounds with it.
First guitar picked up was my bro's electric at 12. And started playing when I was 20 so 3 years ago now almost 4, my goal or dream is to compose for anime or Video Games..... Yep
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I've always enjoyed music and other forms of art. All of my friends played instruments and I always (attempted to) sing and write lyrics. I played piano from about 12-14 and then quit because I had to focus on my schoolwork; which, did me no good.

That's the background story. Flash forward 7 years. I'm hanging out with a new group of friends in a different town and these cats all play an instrument(s) too - we were also doing a lot of drugs at the time. So, 21-year-old me has revived my love for music and opiates by busting out some of my favorite Chili Peppers albums. Frusciante inspired me to get a guitar with his music and I really needed something to get the voices out of my head, at the time. I'm clean now and have been playing guitar for almost three years. My goal was to be able to play "Under the Bridge", as cliché as that sounds. The first two years I played 8-12 hour days until my fingers bled. This past, almost, year I've played around 4-6 hour days, though. I can play "Under the Bridge" and have moved on to far more simple music that I write myself.
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getting ok enough so someone will jam with me
i started sometime before high school because i was frustrated that i had played years of piano only to realize i really only liked listening to rock at the time. i just wanted to jam along with songs. now i just want to stay good enough at guitar to be able to record whatever originals i come up with. never planned on playing live.
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First guitar at 37 and used it to pick up high school chicks

Started: age 40. Goal: to play songs.

Mission acomplished.
My initial goal was to be able to play Nirvana songs.

Now it is to take over the world with the power of rock

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I started 7 years ago, in 2006. I was 20 years old at the time.

My goal was simply to have fun.
Over time i started writing my own music and getting into bands/projects, but my goal remains unchanged.
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13, because I had really nothing better to do. I was bored with guitar hero and picked up an acoustic my sister had.
Started at 8 years old, wanted to be the best guitarist in the world and played for a minimum of 6 hours every day - most days more and up to 13 some days. I had no mates, rarely showered or ate, and now I just play guitar to cope with crippling depression due to being a socially incompetent 19 year old that wasted their life learning how to wank a guitar. Started learning violin, piano and bass because, as much as I love guitar to pieces, when I'm truly depressed I see guitars and resent them for the years of my life I've spent sat with one in my lap and need a new outlet before I hang myself with guitar strings.

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I picked up a guitar for the first time 3 years ago when I was 35. I spent the first 2.5 years playing for a couple of weeks and then not picking it up again for another 3-4 months. It's only been in the last 8-9 months that I've taken it seriously and practice consistently. I don't have any specific goals. It makes me happy to play and that's good enough for me besides the obvious of building up skills and challenging myself.
Started at the age of 16 (I think?) to compose and record music... Still very much a WIP.
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Been playing on/off since 13, got serious when I heard plug in baby

My goal is to be far better than I am right now and eventually be in a band
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i always wanted to play the guitar since i was but still didnt listen to any rock record i wanted to play flamenco music but i forget about the guitar because i was dj-ing for a break dance crew so i but all my foucs on hip hop music until the day i heard beat it solo and i was like daaamn i kept repeating the solo part and i forgot all about hip hop music (thank god) and started listening to rock and metal after searching about who is van halen

i bought a used classic guitar it was 50$ then moved to an acoustic guitar yamaha f160 or something like that and finally bought an electric guitar which i fall in love with
Picked up my first electric guitar in June this year, I'm 41. Getting my first acoustic later in the year.
My goal is to mostly play for fun, something new to learn. Always had an interest in playing music from early teens, learnt to play keyboard around that time, wanted to play guitar for ages but finally took the plunge this year. Not fussed if i play in a band or not.
I started playing about ten years ago. I reached alot of the goals I set for myself, at this point my main goal is to find the motivation to pick the thing up.

Perhaps play a few shows before the years over.
I started when I was ten.

I always had dreams of being a guitar-god, if you will. Growing up listening to the greats such as Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Slash, etc, I knew that was what my destiny was. My mum was always telling me that I was too young. It wasn't until I went off on my own to GuitarCenter that everything became a reality.

When I was looking at the guitars, one of the workers approached me. He must've been an old-time rocker, because even though he was old, he still dressed and acted like I imagine Tony Iommi did back in his day. I told him what my dreams were, and he took me around to a few guitars.

"These are three incredibly rare and good guitars. Why don't you pick one, on me?"

I was shocked. He was really going to give me a guitar? I looked at all three of them.

"Ah yes, the Gibson Les Paul. Great for aggressive classic and modern tones. Has a lot of crunch to it, and is probably the most versatile of the three"

I looked at another.

"That's the Ibanez RG3520ZE. Very fast with a lot of sting. Great for pulling out those finger-melting shred licks, and piercing harmonics"

I looked at the last one.

"That's the Fender Thinline Telecaster. Has a lot of 'twang' in it, while still having some warmth due to the hollow-body aspect of it. Has a more classic sound than the Gibson"

I stepped back and looked at all three. This was such an important decision I needed to make. Which guitar I chose would dictate my whole future as a guitar-god, and more importantly, it would be the beginning of a new friendship.

I decided to take the Gibson. I had scarcely taken it off the rack, when I heard, a kid probably my age shout,

"I'll take this one then!"

A grubby hand reached past me and took the Ibanez from off the wall.

As I tried to leave the store, the kid ran up to me with his guitar.

"Hi, I'm Gary. Want to have a duel to see which guitar is best?"

And that's the beginning of my journey to be the very best, that no one ever was.
I started when I was 13 I think. I just play whatever I'm listening to at the time.

EDIT: Oh yea, I also like playing stuff that's hard to play. Always have. even when I started playing music on the piano. The sense of accomplishment is pretty cool.

Though I know it's against the rules of the Pit to like to play difficult stuff, and I'm a show-offy wanky tard or something

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when i was 14 i picked up my dads acoustic and found a kids music book and learned all the songs in it because my friends were starting to get into guitar and i thought well i can do that too. ended up getting a fender squire for like my birthday or xmas one of the two, and just practiced. I got really good at guitar the next year when i was trying to get at this chick all my friends hated and they sstopped being my friend, and i sat at home playing guitar all summer long.
At the age of 13 is when I bought my first electric guitar. My ultimate goal is to release a good album.
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Got some ibanez starter pack when I was 14/15. Playing hasn't improved much since. Don't have any real goals. I just want to be able to be to record/mix/master some at least mediocre tunes. And learn a bit a theory. I've been jamming for almost ten years(on and off) and can't even name any notes or chords I'm playing. Would be cool if I could at least do that.
I start taking lessons when I was 11, that was the first time I touched a guitar lol,

My goal is to hear a song, and just play it without even take a look at the chords. Just from my head :3
Started when I was about nine. Took lessons for about 2 years but didn't have enough focus to stay with it. But, I never lost the love for music and always regretted not keeping up with it in the back of my mind.

Woke up one day at 38 yrs old and said I am going to learn to play guitar. Walked to my lap top and ended up finding the online courses I assumed were out there and then went to Guitar Center and bought myself an acoustic. It's been almost 4 years now and I am pretty happy with all of it. I find peace and my center to pick it up and get lost for a few hours. I also have the goal to play open Mic's when my brain tells me the time is right.

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Started being musical at the age of 12, but I started guitar at 14. I really wanted to play metal back then, but now I just want to learn how music in general is put together more than anything guitar-related.
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Im pretty new. I started guitar almost 3 years ago. Im into a lot of classic rock and blues, and some local blues guys are teaching me.