I have a question concerning a very famous song, Still Loving you by The Scorpions. I can't find the good tuning to play along the original version. Do you have an answer ?

It's not half step up, i hear it's somewhere between Standard and half step up. Can you help me ?

(sorry for my bad english)
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Recording engineers sometimes bump a song's tuning up, maybe 50 cents, (1/2 a semitone), to make it "pop" out at you.

Badfinger's "Baby Blue", is one such song. It's a great tune, but I needed to modify one of my cassette decks with a speed control, if I wanted to play along with the song. (I realize this could possibly be before you were born).

My son turned me on to this, as I thought it was just an error. He said, "no it's on purpose".

I'm completely unfamiliar with the song you're inquiring about. But, if you think it's "a half of a half step off", it may well be.

The only thing(s) you might try are, just tune your guitar to the record, (Yeah that's a PITA for just one song), or, if you have an audio editing program that allows pitch changing, tune the song to your guitar.

That's all I got junior....
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Ok thanks a lot.
The song i'm talking about is pretty old (i'm 19, and it has been released in 1984). I'm sure you've already heard it, even if you don't know its name ^^ Thanks for the answer, i will try to tune my guitar to the record.
Still loving You from Scorpions. IT sounds 70 cents over the standar tuning (E A D G B E). For example the 4th string (open. It sounds 70 cents over a Natural D. (The first note of the song) Or 30 cents Below D#. I mean, it sounds nearer a D# Than a D. Remember NEARER. You can try a program like Chronotron for winamp or another program where you can change the pitch of the song you're listening to. You can also try to use a tuner and set it this way A=432 (no A=440 as usually), and tune your guitar half step up. F A# D# G# C F.