Hello, I have a couple of Martin Guitars that I am wondering what they are worth. I don't know if there are any free appraisal sites out there but figured I would post on UG and see if I could find anyone to tell me about these.

One is a Martin 0018. It's a 1967. Serial #222236. Has an Alligator Skin Hardcase. It shows its sign of wear right around the sound hole.

The other is a Martin HD28. Serial #1660920. Has a hard case. In excellent condition.

I'll throw in a couple of pictures. If anyone could tell me about the value of these guitars/condition that would be great! Thank you.

That is one super sik D28 you got the man. I want it!

I would say it's worth at least 2K no problem if it's in good condition.....depending on how many are around where/when you sell it.

As for the 0018 I'm not sure, but it is definitely still worth something. vintage martins tend to bring in some nice coin. Your over 1K for sure with the 18 IMO.

You can always do a market analyses and search for the same guitars and compare whats out there to give yourself a better idea at what others are selling similar guitars for.

Some nice guitars you got there man. Cheers.
Are you close to a Guitar Center, or a Sam Ash store? Take 'em in for a look. You will at least get a starting point, and they will have someone networked to give you an informal or formal appraisal...
Happy Holidays,
P.S. The D28 is beautiful!
Yes, the 0018 is 1966 or 67. The HD28 is 2012 or 13. Based on completed ebay listings, they should each be worth in the $1500 - $2000 range. Both are excellent guitars.