I've got to be honest dude, Ibanez are one of the few non-custom companies I have complete trust in; I've never played a new Ibanez that wasn't worth the asking price. Played one that had a really bad set up but that's nothing a quick going over with an allan key and some screwdrivers couldn't fix.
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My one issue with the TAM100 is the body color. However, from what I've heard and experienced from Ibanez, I'm pretty sure it will be worth the cash. However, you wouldn't catch me dead playing one.
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it's pretty ugly, the gold hardware and the pickguard just don't do it for me.
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Why not just buy an RG2228?
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Quote by AWACS
Why not just buy an RG2228?

This I kinda agree with in a way.
I imagine it will play a lot like the RG2228, which is probably what you should get, unless you want it for it's sexy look (I disagree with anyone here that it looks bad..I like the look a lot personally), the sexy neck woods wenge/bubinga + wenge fretboard, and the better (in my opinion) pickup routing and configuration.

Personally I'd consider it actually if I was looking for an 8...but the price difference is pretty steep.
I am however really pleased with my RG2228 as it is, after I swapped out the EMG's.
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Thanks for the input. I like the RG2228 as well. I want the TAM100 for the pickups and coil tapping options. Plus I like the look of it. I know it's not for some but I think it looks nice. Very unique. I just wish I could get my hands on one and try it out, or at least hear some reviews.
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