Poll: How do you feel about tuning down a halfstep?
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It's awesome, standard tuning is so ultra lame bro.
2 12%
I refuse to.
1 6%
It has it's moments and place. I do whatever tickles my pickle.
13 76%
Other (because I refuse to choose any of the above).
1 6%
Voters: 17.
I recently joined a band in the area and it seems like they tune half-step just for the sake of it, which seems silly.

So most songs need to be shifted down. The only reasons I see for doing it are:

1. It makes the key you are playing in easier to play (e.g., open chords)

2. You prefer the string tension

3. Your vocalist has trouble singing at that pitch in that key, so you drop it down to play in a lower key because moving on the fretboard just would be harder (I don't see the point in this unless you are hitting open notes and open chords, or god forbid the scale is harder to play when you solo).

4. Or the song was originally written for a lower pitch that cannot be hit in standard (open chords, blah blah blah) I mean hell, why not play it in standard if it sounds just as good, if not better.

Has anyone ever dealt with this issue?

Thoughts, comments, experiences, etc. are welcomed.
All of those are valid reasons... but then again so is "fuck you, I do what I want.".

I don't see that there's really much to talk about here...
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The band I'm in we only play Eb, drop Db or open D tuned down another half step (would this be open Db? I'm not really sure) to accommodate our vocalist's vocal range. It works perfectly for him and for us. It takes a lot more work to write a song in a certain key then move it down an extra fret to fit someone's vocal range when you can just tune down half a step and play it exactly the same.

Why don't you like it? I guess tuning down just for the sake of doing it doesn't make sense, but I always liked playing in different tunings. I always thought my acoustic songs sounded better when tuned half a step down. An E chord for some reason I think just sounds pretty perfect when tuned down half a step.
Somewhere, sometime I like to play in Eb but then it's too hard to changed to normal and put a capo it's not the same, so I use E all the time.
I just find it somewhat annoying when my two main guitars are in standard. It also seems awfully silly if you want to practice along with the original song and then drop it down a step not because of any reason other than just because. It's not like we're doing any metal covers and want that drop B feel. Did someone move this into Guitar Techniques? I thought I put this in Electric Guitar.
Unless there's a particular reason to, I don't really see the point.

If you're playing all original music, do whatever you want. If you're learning covers, it's a bit of a pain in the ass because you'll either be transposing them from the original key, or playing them in the original key, but without any convenient open strings.
I don't really see why we need a poll for this.
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