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Tommorow I'm finnally selling my PRS and getting the Ibanez RGT3020 I'm dreaming on.
Just want to be sure that everything looks fine(I'm getting it in really low price, so just want to be sure, even if I know the reason for the price).
How can I know it has the original Dimarzio? And does it look like the Edge Pro?

What do you think about it?
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That's the original trem.

I imagine they are the fight pups.

Though good as they are, they aren't as valuable as people make out to be.

Certainly not a direct swap for a full fat PRS (though maybe a CE).
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No way of knowing about the pickups until you get it in person.

The bridge looks like the right one but it's hard to tell from these pictures; need to see much more detail than that.

Quote by Tom 1.0
That's the original trem.

How can you tell?
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I sell just a PRS SE, not american one.

So it's hard to tell from these pictures... but nothing look strange, right?
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if you take the pickups off, the back the might say something on them like the type or brand, thats how some of my guitars are
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I think it needs to be clearly established whether you are getting rid of an SE or American made. I'd hate to see you take a huge loss.
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