Hey , I am wondering which is better to record guitar tracks with. A cable that connects from my amp (Roland Cube 40) to my computer via USB or recording the guitar from the amp with a Microphone. I currently have a Shure SM57 but my XLR to USB cable malfunctioned. So I am wondering whether it would be better to get a new XLR to USB cable or just get a cable that goes from my amp to my computer.
Yes, you need an interface if you are going to direct record your amp.
If you do, it MUST have a line output. You'll feed that into a line capable input on your audio interface.

If you do, you should use a cabinet simulator. I strongly suggest using Impulse Response cab simulation, which are wave files that contain a convolution of an actual real cabinet. It's basically a snapshot of a microphone/cabinet setup.

You can get a IR loader like LeCab. After installing that, find an impulse response you like on the internet and load it onto the cabinet simulator plugin.
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"should" is never good.

Neither is hearing your amp signal raw without a cabinet
Clay-man's spot on; you'll need a cab simulator if you're taking the preamp straight into your computer. It'll sound like a fart through a Brillo pad otherwise!

There are a few out there, so have a look. One I've picked up recently is Wall of Sound III from Two Notes Audio. You have to buy the cabs separately, but the basic program comes with 2 cabs and 8 mics (I think). Check it out - www.two-notes.com/en/

That, or IK Multimedia do a great range of amp and cab sims. That way you can take your dry guitar signal straight in through your interface, and shape all of your tone in the DAW.