I have the Sonar X1 Essential on my 32-bit Windows Vista. The USB adapter I use is a Behringer U-Control UCA222, I run that into a Behringer 802 mixer. My question is when I go to set up my Sonar X1 input drivers, it doesn't recognize anything. Is there something wrong with my adapter, or sound card? Please help me :/
need more info

is it listed as a sound device in windows ?

is windows outputing or inputing any audio to the speakers ? ( play sound or use sound recorder in windows to test )

is it setup like this ? or something different ?

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It is listed in Windows under Recoding as "Microphone - USB Audio CODEC - Working"
I currently have my set up like this

Studio monitors <-- computer <-- Behringer U-Control UCA222 <-- Behringer Xeynx 802 mixer
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It is listed in Windows under Recoding as "Microphone - USB Audio CODEC - Working"
I currently have my set up like this

Studio monitors <-- computer <-- Behringer U-Control UCA222 <-- Behringer Xeynx 802 mixer

can you hear anything if you play a youtube clip ?

I would assume your monitors should come out of your Behringer U-Control UCA222 since it's your sound device. ?

but again do you hear anything if you play a youtube or any audio file ? since you have the monitors direct from your computer ?
All I want my Behringer UCA-222 to do is let me record from my laptop to my mixer, or is the Behringer not a real recording audio interface?
Mmmm..... it's a perfectly real enough interface.

It won't let you record from your laptop to your mixer, though. Rather, it will let you record TO your laptop FROM your mixer.

Your chain will basically be:

mic > mixer > UCA222 > laptop.

In Sonar, there will be a control panel where you select which driver to use, and adjust various settings. Find that. Make sure you are using the UCA222 driver... whatever that is.

There will also be a place (maybe even in the same place), to assign and enable inputs and outputs. Make sure that the inputs and outputs are enabled.

Then, in Sonar, you'll need to arm the track, which means making it ready to receive and record a signal. Part of this is selecting which input to record from, and deciding whether or not you'll want to monitor the signal through Sonar or not. (with a mixer, you don't have to monitor through your software).

Tell us what these various settings are at and we'll be able to help you out.

Depending on your setup, your speakers will either be fed by the mixer or the UCA222.

The output chain will either look like this:

computer > UCA222 (outputs 1+2) > stereo amplifier > speakers.


computer > UCA222 (outputs 1+2) > mixer > stereo amplifier > speakers.

I think using your built-in sound card to send audio to your speakers will complicate things, because you will basically be using two different audio drivers. This may even be part of your current problem. The idea of the UCA222 is that it, effectively IS your soundcard. With an audio interface, you will not require your on-board sound.

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you still have to follow the rules of your software (windows) I do not think windows will automatically use 2 sound devices, but you asking for monitors to work from your motherboard sound device ( or what ever your using ) AND use the input from your Behringer UCA-222 at the same time ?

I use my XENYX 1204USB when i'm not recording ( youtube, music etc all works ) but when i turn my eleven rack on the ALL sound is handled by the eleven rack. ( it's set to be my default device )

I know there are option inside protools to used more then one sound device at the same time ( which i have never used) but in Windows I don't think you can,

for example if you have a Video Card with HDMI out with sound support, it will KILL any other sound device you have installed into windows. Nvidia or ATI will have be your sound device ( it's alot of work to get your sound card back I know i have had this problem before.)

your trying to do the same thing in that your want windows uses 2 different sound devices, so all i can say is good luck to you getting it working, ( you may do it ) I personal would just set it up as the picture shows and get recording.
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