Hey all!

I am looking to buy my first tube amp soon and am trying to decide which one to get. I have read tons of information and watched more Youtube videos than I'd care to admit and think that I have it narrowed down to a handful (such as the Fender Blues Junior NOS and the Vox AC15). Before I buy it, however, I feel like I actually need to truly try them all out to see what I like.

My question then is this: What is the best way to try out different amps before buying? Is going to Guitar Center and letting it rip the only real option? I'm hesitant to do that because I hate playing in front of others (I don't perform or anything - just play for enjoyment at home) and feel like it would be rude to turn the amps up so loud with other people shopping.
Guitar Center has rooms specifically dedicated for High Volume playing. But if you're going to spend the money on a tube amp, you definitely need to get each one for a solid amount of time. There's not really much else to it. Cheers!