The guy was found dead in a padlocked sports' bag. It was apparently an accident.

Talk about clumsy.


The moral of the story: in future, take greater care whilst packing your stuff for the gym.
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I don't understand.
He was found in his padlocked gym bag?


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It was zipped up

what is this I don't even
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I'm not the hoax type person, but a trained spy getting this "accident".

Maybe I watch too many movies, but a spy can contain important intel, where people could possibly kill for.

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that awkward moment when you finally master padlocking and zipping yourself into a gym bag and then you can't get it open again

that's why i always keep my standard issue quantum magnetic padlock unlocker discreetly concealed behind the battery compartment of my rolex wristwatch which i never take off
He was preparing his mission to assassinate an Olympic athelete. The mission went wrong.
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What a bunch of lazy cops. Couldn't they at least come up with a better cover-up story? Sheesh.
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"The police's new findings are likely to fuel theories of a successful cover up by the intelligence agencies - but DAC Hewitt said it was "beyond credibility" that he, as an experienced investigator, had had the wool pulled over his eyes."

That is the lamest attempt to cover-up a cover-up imaginable.

You don't just simply lock yourself into a sports bag.
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Christ, that's a bit unlucky. He managed to trip into the sports bag, kill himself by tripping up and then for it to close and padlock itself? Absolutely gutted.
its interesting that bbc website doen't allow comments on this news story, i looked at the guardian and its version of the story has comments disabled as well.