Hiya , just wanted to address a few things about rocksmith I have seen on other threads but didn't want to bump them

First off , id like to say I agree . Rocksmith is definitely not the fastest way to learn guitar . It can teach you bad habbits by forcing you to rush , can make you play with tonnes of tension and really can give you a false sense of confidence .

However !!!!!!! I really do think if used correctly it is bloody fantastic! Im not talking about the arcade games , and some of the lessons are crap ( some are good thou) , but consider this for a moment if you will . ! All posts on this page say to play faster , play slower , all posts say slow it down and get pure tones etc before you go faster . With the new rocksmith ( don't think the old one is as adaptable) this is easier than ever .

To hell with a metronome , jump into learn a song , hit riff repeater straight away , and you can change the difficulty right up to 100 % if so desired , then slow the whole song down to whatever percentage speed you want it at ( you can move the parameters of riff repeater so you can play either parts of a song or the whole song ) and play away with instant feedback .

When repeating the song it will come up with an explanation mark next to the chords / notes you have missed in the past and let you know where u need to concentrate more .

Rocksmith now is a really really good learning tool if used properly ( I don't use it properly as much as I should) and you have the patience ! I wouldn't use it without other feedback ( the posture videos on the techniques sticky in this forum has helped me a truckload) but instead of just a thrasharound game I thought the original rocksmith was , the new one is actually really usefull for developing speed around the fretboard and keeping your playing sharp IF you use the riff repeater as much as you should !

The legato lessons are awesome aswell , I suck at them , but I know im improving by repeating them .
Cool story, bro.

It still doesn't actually do anything that you can't do yourself.
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