Cut me some slack, I want to get a guitar to take to the fire station with me on work days. For the money, should I do the Gretsch 5034 or the Baby Martin, or something else along the same lines? Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated for this newby!!
I have never played either. But I have got the new Gretsch catalogue in front of me and that 5034
is one good looking axe.

The only thing in the specs that don't rock my socks is the die-cast tuners. Over the years i have never had much luck with those.

And as for the Baby Martin. I think it would be fair to say this forum has had many mixed opinions. A few liking a lot disliking. But I have never played. So as always ( Let your ears be the judge) Cheers
the little martin sounds a lot better to me than the baby taylor, but you might want to try the yamaha JR1, which is just a pinch smaller than the little martin but costs a lot less, although the sound isn't as good to me - i owned 2 and the right strings improved the tone. or maybe the laguna LD1 (the little brat), which is sized more like the baby taylor but sounds better and costs less. i also like the blueridge baby (br-41).

if you can afford it, the taylor GS mini is possibly the best sounding of the smaller guitars, probably largely because it's the biggest of the small guitars, if you see what i mean. it's like a mini mini jumbo. its richer tone kicks the baby taylor to the curb in my ears, the two aren't even close. the little martin comes to closest tone-wise, but i like the GS mini's sound and feel better.
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i second the Taylor GS mini. fantastic, fantastic guitar for a small bodied instrument. it doesn't sound very small at all due to the larger lower bout. many people use the GS mini as a stage guitar, it's that good.
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