I'm thinking of also learning bass (along with guitar which I've been playing for a year). Any bass players here who can share their experience learning bass? Like how and why you started off, the experience of playing bass etc.
bass playing is 70% music theory, 20 % playing, and 10% not showing up to practice.
haha just kidding. except for the music theory part, there is a lot of that.
I started bass before guitar. Grade nine music, I got my choice instrument because I could read music already. Jazz band in high school, playing some awesome funk with a great drummer. Got into RHCP and the rest is history.
Bass is awesome, it makes playing a six string feel easier because of the scale for me, and when I feel more aggressive and less like "finessing" an instrument I can abuse it with the picking hand. Oh, and everyone and their Grandmother plays guitar so if you want to be in a band become good at bass because a lot more bands need a good bassist not a guitarist.
For the record, I love both. Sometimes I watch Live at Slane and run through the concert switching back and forth.
One of the great things about learning to play the bass is that you begin to actively listen for the bass in all of the music you love. When you do, you discover how much more there is to the song because of the bass. You also learn that the bass is much more than just eighth notes on the root. It gives you an entirely new appreciation for the rhythm section of a song.
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^ yeah i'm starting to do that already
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Learning bass has really been an interesting journey for me so far. I started playing about 6 years ago when I first got into college. A friend of mine I used to sit next to everyday in my band class was a bass player, and I was a tuba player. I realized that it's almost impossible for me to look cool playing a tuba..lol. So I took up bass, and every single time I picked up this instrument to practice, I've felt more confident in myself and carefree about everything else (I still feel that way now! That feeling really never leaves).

Years pass and I come across an awesome drummer. He used to play for Kanye West, John Legend, and Gloria Gaynor and many other people. He actually became my Teacher. Yes, you're reading this the right way. I had a drum teacher, become my bass teacher after being self-taught myself for about 4-5 years. I've truly learned that Bass is not just a string instrument, it technically is a drum, but with tones for any every musical situation.

Being a great bass player also requires a lot of listening (which is really another fun aspect). You might think from time to time that it's only necessary to listen to other bass players, but there comes a time where that get's really boring, and you start listening to other instruments. It's important to keep the mind open, but it's more important that no matter what instrument you play, the most valuable thing you can afford to do for you is to BE YOURSELF!. Bass has opened me up to a world of life I don't think I ever would've touched, had I continued to be a very uncool looking tuba player. lol!