Looking to build a pedalboard: fuzz, overdrive, envelope filter etc. Any suggestions? Feel free to throw in other pedals I didn't mention.
Source audio envelope filter(there are three pick the best one in your price range) also look at the SA multiwave bass distortion which has distortions, octave and fuzz like sounds on it or the mxr bass envelope filter. The bass muff is a pretty big choice. Pick up a sansamp bddi l as a good di is always good to have and works well as a pedal too. Maybe a chorus? Such as the tech 21 boost bass chorus?

What really determines what you should get it how much cash you have to lay down and what sounds you really want.
Ibanez Auto Wah for guitar. The gray pedal. While auto wah is a really cool effect for bass, it can act as a fantastic distortion.

A Wah pedal or a Distortion Expression Pedal.

An octave pedal or sustainer would be good to have.

You don't need too many pedals. 2 or 3 would be, for a bass, the maximum for me.

A good analog effect could be good too. Getting all in one.
i have a bass big muff, bass balls, bass microsynth and a sansamp BDDI along with a memory toy, octave multiplexer which i haven't found a use for as of yet.
above all, i would get a solid tuner pedal that mutes the signal when on. i have a korg pitchblack but the boss TU tuners are pretty common too.
if you are playing slap, a compressor is also a good choice, smoothing out all the peaks. even if you don't play slap a compressor can still be useful
Cool thanks for all of the suggestions guys. I am in an kind of darkish indie rock band. Do y'all know what pedals QOTSAS bassist uses?
i use mine for a sub octave and some slight sweep and for songs like madness by muse. and for when i want to go back to the 70's and play some dirty synth bass :p

EDIT: i say go back.. i didn't even see the 80's
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How is that microsynth? Nothing in my area carries jack for bass pedals and a synth and compressor are next on my list.
good shit. still working out exactly how to use the trigger function but otherwise its easy to use with some great sounds. adding a big muff into the equation is good fun too.
Nice I've been looking at that and the markbass synth. I've already got the source audio soundblox 2 multiwave bass distortion which definitely does that trick in that area.
i looked at the markbass and the micro synth and overall prefered the layout of the BMS. i've been contemplating a few of the source audio pedals, they do look and sounds rather good
I see that the Big Muff has been mentioned here quite often.

While the Big Muff helped create a new sound for the bass ( Lemmy and Burton used it pretty much ), I don't think it's the best distortion pedal that you can get.

I didn't play it personally, but from all the sounds I heard on youtube, it sounds like a big load of noise and cracking.

When I look for a distortion, I am trying to look for a really screaming high end sound, but I want my low end to still sound fat and be sustained. For the low and I want to get that feeling in my feet and around my heart that you get from loud techno and house music in a club, those strong vibrations. I don't think the Muff offers that.

But that is just my opinion.
the newer bass muffs come with a bass boost and a dry blend knob - could be improved but its definitely useful - which keeps the low end of the bass there while still having a heap of fuzzy goodness. not to mention fuzz, od and distortion are all different effects while possibly being similar