Back in May I commissioned a bass from Alpher Instruments, a small guitar building duo here in the north of England.

The build was fairly standard, apart from the string spacing which was around 15.3mm at the bridge (I'm a big Myung fan!). The spacing feels fantastic, despite it sounding like it should be really cramped and it's even easy to slap on. Other than that, it plays and sounds just as a custom instrument should... Flipping brilliantly!

In all seriousness, this was my first ever custom build and my 6th bass I've ever owned, which is great as the serial number is '006' . I've been absolutely blown away by the amount of communication, updates, pictures and just friendly discussion we've had since I first contacted them and it's extremely comforting to know that you have two passionate people behind your custom bass. If you're considering a build in the future, even if it's not in the near future, don't hesitate to strike up conversation with them. They build for all sorts of people, and will happily ship them internationally. They're extremely knowledgeable and will quickly make you realise what custom builds are all about. And then before you realise it, you'll have the finished article sitting in your lap...

Full the full Flickr album, click here . And to check out what Alpher Instruments are up to, go and visit their Facebook page !
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Very nice - HNBD!
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I'm not a bass player, but this looks amazing HNBD!
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That thing is beyond gorgeous! Are those Delano pickups?

HNCustomBD!!! Enjoy the hell out of it!!!
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Quote by FatalGear41
That thing is beyond gorgeous! Are those Delano pickups?

HNCustomBD!!! Enjoy the hell out of it!!!

Thanks! Actually, they're custom pickups made by Catswhisker Pickups. I asked for something that had the same, earth-shattering effect that Musicman Bongo pickups have, as well as the awesome large, open poles and that's what I got.
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Specs! SPECS!!!

Body: 1-piece Claro Walnut with Tru Oil finish
Top wood: Spalted/Spider Burl Maple
Mid Veneer: Wenge
Neck: 1-pieces Wenge, quartersawn
Fingerboard: Madagascan Rosewood (Expensive, but worth it!)
Tuners: Hipshot Lightweight
Bridge: Hipshot Single String bridges with 15.3mm string spacing
Nut: 1.75" graphtech
Pickups: 2 large-pole piece Humbuckers by Catswhisker
Preamp: 2-band John East Preamp
Hipshot hardware and awesome looking wood on the same bass? You sir have great taste.

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Love the spalted wood. Very, very nice and the specs are great. Nice piece of bass p0rn!
That looks gorgeous, especially since I'm also a fan of particularly tight string spacing. HNBD!
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Nice. Seen some of their work before. Didn't realise they were only 10 miles from me either... I've had an idea in mind for a custom build for a while, shame I've no money.
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Hipshot hardware and awesome looking wood on the same bass? You sir have great taste.


I agree 100%

Love custom builds. It's only a matter of time (and of course, cash) but i will be getting one for me. There are quite a few great artisans here in Argentina that makes really really nice basses.

Congratulations, it really looks great. I would love to see it in action, is there any chance of posting a video on youtube, or maybe some audios on soundcloud?

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