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I had a question about Seans Guitar academy. I know he posts a lot on this site and promotes it here. He sent me a catalog but does not have any pricing or samples to look at. I have emailed him back to ask him about it but he did not respond. For anyone who has used his lessons what are your opinions? Also what is the cost other than the $30 for the fretboard lesson. Thanks
If you have money to spend on learning guitar, get a one-to-one teacher. There's nothing you can be taught from some pre-packaged course that you can't find out there for free.
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I could not agree with you more.Problem is I have been playing for a long time and I cant find a teacher close to my area that is decent. The last teacher I had came highly recommended from a number of people. The first lesson, I handed him a copy of my goals and what I wanted to achieve with my playing and he took the paper from me crumbled it up and said " I don't care that you been playing 20 years or not, I start all my students on the same level advanced or beginner." I was shocked but said to myself let me give this dude a chance. So I took lessons from him for about 2 months twice a week for an hour each time and then decided I could learn more on my own with the internet. So I called him and said im moving on I had enough. He argued a little . I told him learning how toread music for the last 2 months was more than enough.
I don't blame you for leaving him. I hate teachers who have a one-size fits all approach. There's more than one way to skin a cat, and if a teacher will only teach one way, I get suspicious that that's the only way that teacher knows or is comfortable with. And at the end of the day, the teacher is there for the pupil's benefit, not the other way round. It's up to the teacher to adapt to suit the pupil, and a good teacher will be more than willing to do that.

That goes for any subject, not just guitar.

I have no experience of Sean's Guitar Academy, so I can't help there.
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