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I woke up about an hour ago. But I sleep in boxers, and I'm all comfy in my warm bed, and my room is FREEZING because I accidentally unplugged my space heater. And my laptop was on my nightside table so I didn't have to move. I have class soon and I don't know if I'll make it.

So what's the longest you guys will actually stay in bed while awake?
I never sleep in bed.
Not with your mom around.

But really at least like 3 to 4 hours straight. It feels terrible.

Edit: Oh. You mean after waking up. Anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour, depending on how tired/ill I am.
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Ive always had a hard time sleeping, ive spend entire nights (8 hours or more) just laying there trying to get some rest.
Probably a few minutes. If it's dark, quiet and I'm under a blanket, probably less than that. I've learned to fall asleep before my BF's snoring starts.
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I've spent the past two hours in bed. Don't have to do shit today so i've done nothing but read
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Less than a minute, usually. The dogs must pee and poo and I'd rather they do so outside. Therefore, I get up to let them out.
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Varies. I've gone over an hour just lying in bed and playing music off my phone.
i've been experimenting with playing different music and tv shows and stuff while going to bed, so it varies wildly. once i put on one of my favorite movies and ended up following the audio for like half of the movie before having to shut it off.

*oh, you mean after waking up, huh? very little. either i'm trying to go back to sleep or i get up because i feel like i'm wasting time.
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In the morning? Not too long.

At night? Idk, hours. I don't have a desk so if I'm on my computer in the evening I'm probably laying or sitting up in my bed.

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10-20 minutes. I hate just lying in bed, even when I'm ill.
In fact I hate sleeping too, just feels like so much time being unproductive when I could be doing something else.

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Yeah whatever, I've been working on an assignment since 9 this morning =o=
until i have to be somewhere

or longer
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If I'm going to sleep, insomnia means I'll lay awake for hours before I fall asleep. Sometimes I wake up at ridiculous times and stay awake until it's a more reasonable time.
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I can go hours. Mostly just cause I'll be sitting on my computer doing useless things while I'm laying in bed. I also do my schoolwork in bed most of the time too. If I had a TV and food in here, I'd probably never leave except to take a shit.
Im still in bed. Its 12:30, woke up around 9 lol. I just wake up and chill, music, prepare my brain to smoke a few blunts. I get out of bed to piss and go back.
I thought most people laze about in their beds at the weekends? Even during the week I'll laze about half awake until I have to get up.

Relaxing in bed on a Saturday hungover, watching bbc breakfast and listening to some music till noon is heaven. Watching films in bed is also great.
Well, considering most days I'm waking up for work, only 5-10 mins.

On weekends I might for 15-20 mins. Depends what time it is, and if I want to try to sleep longer.
As soon as I'm awake I have to get up. Being awake is far too interesting to spend your time lying in bed.

My ex girlfriend hated it though.
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I can go hours. Mostly just cause I'll be sitting on my computer doing useless things while I'm laying in bed. I also do my schoolwork in bed most of the time too. If I had a TV and food in here, I'd probably never leave except to take a shit.

I had a mini fridge in my room. Had to take it out because I was never leaving it except for school and to use the bathroom, lol

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
Hours. I can spend hours just laying there not even doing anything. If I've got my phone on me then I only get out when I'm hungry.
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Played video games for 24 hours straight in my bed.

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Like forever. All day and all night, because I sleep through most of the day.
If I wake up in the middle of the night and lay there for more than 45 minutes; I will usually smoke a joint, that knocks me out again usually. And if all else fails... fap.
Well usually I have to get up for class or work. But when that rare day comes where I've got nothing going on all day...I make it count. By wasting it.

I usually wake up and lay around for about a minute before I get up. Faster if I've got shit to do.
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In all honesty, when I wake up on my days off sometimes I spend up to 3-4 hours in bed playing on my phone or 3DS.

Waking up and physically getting out of bed is extremely challenging. I don't think it's laziness because I'd actually like to get up and move around, but it's like... mentally and slightly physically painful.
I set my alarm for half an hour before I want to wake up so I still get that amazing feeling of going back to sleep after waking up, only without the whole being late thing.

So it's kinda tough to answer for me.
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i could compete for a world record for longest time spent in bed.

i might need a bed pan though. that's what usually gets me up. having to pee and not being able to hold it past 5 hours.
holding in pee is the worst. it starts to HURT and then I feel like my bladder is challenging my manhood to see how long I can hold out, so at that point, I basically HAVE to hold out until I'm 15 seconds from pissing my pants.
Hours and hours, it's pretty sad. If I need to wake up at a certain time, I set alarms at an interval of 10 minutes starting 1.5 hours before I have to get up. Yeah, I don't like mornings much.
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