I'll be buying a new computer soon and I'd also like to use it instead of my guitar amplifier. I have never used Guitar Rig before, but I know what it is. I want a setup which will allow me to get the best possible sound with Guitar Rig. I'll be playing exclusively in my room and also making recordings of my own with my guitar which has passive pickups (humbuckers). In other words, I only need something for one input and one output with as little latency as possible.

I've spent hours searching the Internet, but I still need help. I've bumped into this term "audio interface" but I'm not sure what exactly it is. Is this just another name for a sound card? As far as I understood, to get the best possible sound I just need to buy a good sound card which I can directly connect my guitar to. That is, just a sound card and nothing in between is needed. Am I right?

My budget for the "sound components" of my PC is $200 (excluding Guitar Rig). Any suggestions?
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