All guitars sound ok to me but I listen only to punk rock so my opinion isn't that important.
Lyrics are great. I love your voice as well, it would be nice if vocals sounded a little bit louder cause many times I can't distinguish them.
You sure do a good with the drums.

I know I didn't help much, I heard some other staff of yours that I commented.
Keep on the good job!
Hey man, I really enjoyed listening to that!!!!! The vocals sound like they are sung by the alice in chains singer!!!!! Very sick man! Loved it!! I love how this song builds, it just gets better as it goes, the composition aspect of it is amazing. Overall great song
12 strings? Love the sound! Agree that it sounds like Alice in Chains.

If I'm not mistaken, you recorded a drum part and a tambourine part? I started doing this with my band and (to my surprise) it really fills up the sound. However, I would lower the tambourine and bring up the drums. I think you'll get the same effect but with more emphasis on the drums. After all, during a live show you'll have drums and no tambourine, right?

Thanks for reviewing my song as well: