Ok, so if I ever need to pick continuously and quickly on the low E string where do I rest my palm? Usually when I'm doing the pentatonic scale and I play the low E my hand will just hover and rest on nothing, but if I try to pick it continuously with my hovering hand my picks become very sloppy and I miss often. I'm looking for some tips on what to do. Or am I right and I just need to practice? Thanks.
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Should I always leave it there or just when I am picking on the low E and move it back to the strings to mute them?
This is very common the tip I would give you is to hold the pick the easiest for you and listen to the tone of the string this is how you will get solid consistent technique across all 6 strings.

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I usually just rest my palm on the guitar body, above the string. Placing it on the bridge works too, but I generally don't because I find I prefer the sound I get from picking a bit higher up on the body.