I m thinking to purchase one of them for my fender strat, but i just can't really make my mind for deciding which one should i use.
All i know is the SSL-4 seems to be more heavy and sustain than YJM, i m also heard that YJM is a noiseless pickup as well, so will that really reduce its gain on the guitar?
Cos usually i m playing hard rock stuff and i would prefer a sound with more bass and sustain on it, i know it s sound a bit strange like why dont u play a guitar with humbuckers. I got a les paul guitar with humbuckers on it but i just feel more playable when using strat. Well of course i won't expect a SSL-4 would have the same high output and sustainability as humbuckers, but i m just thinking will a high output SSL-4 single-coil pickup suitable for strat? Cos in my view, strat usually has a crunchy and bright sound and that s main feature when playing with strat. It seems strat works out best with mid output single-coil pick up rather than forcing things with a high output pickup? Fairly, this is really personal and i may have made some mistakes on the knowledge of pickups as well. If there is, please point it out!!!
Well, but no matter of which style of music you play? I just want to hear some opinions of those two pickups and which one would u guys prefer really? Thankssss
If you don't get a response here, ask a Mod to move this the Electric Guitar forum. Technically you are in the right place but you may get more responses over there. We mainly focus on amps and pedals here.

Also, what amp are you using?

Paragraphs my man, they are pretty fantastic.

As far as this sort of thing goes, what type of Strat is it? Most modern Strats have a route for a humbucker, you could just get a new pickguard and humbucker and away you go. Just a thought.
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Ok, thanks for the suggestion.
Well, for the amp it isn't the best amp i m using, but i m satisfied with the effect pedals i m putting on it. It is SubZero GT212 120W.
My strat is fender japan ST57-55-2TS
I got another strat with a humbucker on it.
For this one, i dont want to change too much stuff, just wanna change the pickup really.
Cos the original pickup is a vintage noiseless pickup and it sounds crap when it turns into distortion, just not enough gain. I guess this kind of pickup is really on jazz and blue things.