Okay guys I've got another question for you. I've recently finished my pedalboard with the exception of imput\output jacks. So basically I buy $50 worth of cable, jacks, and plugs, I figured I would try to make something with spare parts to practice soldering. I soldered one end of the cable to a regular guitar 1/4" jack, and the other to a plug. I plugged my guitar in, and the problem is when ever I get the jack close to the ground, very loud buzzing happens. This is a major problem if I want to put it in my pedalboard. So i have some questions.
1: Is there something wrong with my house wiring?
2: Will real neutrik locking jacks prevent this problem?
3: It is the cable (or jack) I used?(radio shack cable)

I also will post pictures of the jack if that helps

Thanks in advanced!