I want to buy new or used guitar for 750Euro.
I`m playing rock,grunge and little bit metal. I prefer easy playing guitar. I think Humbs > any single. i think saparate sound is very important too.

easy playing > saparate sound
Advise me.
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I'm not so sure single coils are so ideal for the heavier music of rock or metal but easy playing is somewhat subjective. What sort of neck thickness or scale would you prefer? Do you want a hardtail?
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My wrong. I mean:
Humb > any single

I`m playing at Vintage V100 LP. I was in one of biggest music shop in my country and i was playing at schecter (about 750Euro). I feel that schecter break with the legs my vintage in respect of easy playing.

when i choose Vintage V100 i was copletly new in that. I listen Guns n` Roses ,so LP was an icon. So do not guide with that guitar.

What sort of neck thickness or scale would you prefer?


Do you want a hardtail?

no matter, cause i never play with movable bridge.

I think Mahogany guitar with pasted neck. (but is my noob opinion) - long sustain, fleshy sound.
I'm guessing that by "saparate sound" you mean that you want individual controls for each pickup? "Mahogany guitar with pasted neck" = set neck, rather than bolt neck. You should include "neck-through" construction as well. This kind of neck construction allows (and even promotes) a very smooth, comfortable transition from neck to body.

I'm going to guess, here, that the Schecter you liked had a thinner neck than the LP you have now, and probably a flatter fretboard radius and larger frets. "Easy playing" often has to do with the quality of the setup you get, as well. I've paid $200 and more to have my guitars PLEK'd, their frets superglued and the nuts and bridge saddles cut and de-burred and set to match the radius of the fretboard. Frets were polished and perfectly crowned and the ends were smoothed.

If you were here in the states, I'd suggest a Carvin DC (Double Cutaway) to you. It's difficult to find a better-playing guitar. The neck heels melt into the body:

Most have 24 frets (all accessible) and there are options for medium jumbo or jumbo frets, stainless frets, 14" and even 20" radius fretboards, a number of different pickup and control options. I have one with a solid mahogany body and neck, but with a fancy quilted maple top. I have another that's solid koa body and neck.

I have no idea where you are (somewhere in the EU, of course), so it's more difficult to get one of these, but you might want to expand your search beyond the local guitar stores.

At one point, Carvin advertised "action as low as 1/16th" from the 24th fret with no buzzing frets." And they delivered. A lot of guitar techs count it a coup if they can get the action to that level at the 12th fret with no buzzing frets. You may not want your action that low, but it does point up the quality of fretwork that you can get with the better companies (to be distinguished from some "expensive" companies who may not deliver good guitars but who will be happy to accept wads of your money nonetheless).
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`im europe so that guitar is not for me.

How do you mean? There are international retailers who sell Reverend.

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I`m from poland. That delevie i can see do not supp my country. Any other ideas?
Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH - costs 700 to 900 euro and does everything. Was very close to buying this one but got a more expensive Jag. Kurt Cobain used Jaguars a lot.
what do you think about that:
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I have played all of these guitars quite abit and I own a PRS SE Custom 24. The PRS is the most versatile option, with the others being geared more towards metal (though they aren't just 'metal' guitars"). They can all be very good guitars, but I would advise to try them out before you buy.

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I'm late on this post. But i bought the Matthias Jabs (Scorpions' lead guitarist) Signature made by Cort. And even if Cort is cheap, this guitar is awesome. I have a Fender Strat from 1986, and i prefer the MJ signature. it's really an awesome guitar, very simple, but powerful. Try it if you can !